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Information about the race in English language

„Bokami Západných Tatier“ is three days long skimountaineering team race, under the auspices of slovak climbing association JAMES. Bokami has its roots in the skimountaineering races such as Rally Červenec and Skialpfest that were first held in early 1990s. In central Europe it is the only one skimountaineering race, where athletes have to compete for more than one day. Teams have to pass challenging course approximately 2200 m of elevation gain/loss and over 20 kilometers every day. There are usually sections, where is mandatory to have crampons on the boots. Descents take place in narrow couloirs with slope of 40 degrees.


Organizers SK Žiarska dolina, HO JAMES Bobrovec, TJ Roháče Zuberec
Date 24.-26.3. 2017
  three days long skimountaineering team race
Track parameters      Elevation gain - cca 6000 m, length 55 km / 3 stages
Starting fee
 2nd Jan. 2017 – 1st Feb. 2017      2nd Feb. 2017 – 1st Mar. 2017

 1st Mar. 2017

190 €

200 €

End of registration 

180 € - members of SHS JAMES

Accomodation   Zverovka
Protests In wrinten form, 15 minutes after results with 10 EUR

Fee including

  • food, drinks
  • accomodation (2 nights)
  • parking
  • transport of luggage
  • an unforgettable experience
  • present - POLARTEC Jacket Dynafit

A few facts from history of our race:

2008: 36 athletes (beautiful weather, good snow conditions)

2009: 46 athletes (Big avalanche in Žiarska valley)

2010: 52 athletes (bad snow conditions)

2011: 66 athletes (bad snow conditions)

2012: 124 athletes (good snow conditions)

2013: 154 athletes (bad weather, good snow conditions)

2014: 126 athletes from 4 countries (bad weather, lack of snow)

2015: 170 athlets (good snow conditions)

2016: 202 athlets 


10th. Bokami Západných Tatier 2017 (24.3 - 26.3.2017)