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News for you


Dear racers and supporters of Bokami Západných Tatier event

The race days are approaching and we have some news for you;


  • In 2017, we celebrate the 10th Edition of Bokami Západných Tatier race and 40 years since the first skimountaneering race in Slovakia.
  • We have established a civic association Bokami Západných Tatier and we now conduct a transparent bank account.
  • We have appointed Dynafit to produce a limited edition of Bokami Zapadných Tatier jacket, which will be part of start packet of every racer
  • Chip timing system will be used to measure the time
  • Racers will be accommodated in Primula, Zverovka, and University center Zuberec “UNIZA”
  • When registering, the racers will be able to choose from the above mentioned accommodation capacities


Brief Program Draft

Bib pick up:  Žiarska valley

1st stage start: Bobrovecká Vápenica

1st stage end: Zverovka-Spálená

2nd stage start: Zverovka-Spálená

2nd stage end: Zverovka-Spálená

3rd stage start:Zverovka-Spálená

3rd stage end: Žiarska valley

Results announcement: Žiarska valley